What is Body Talk Access

BodyTalk Access Class: A full-day session intended to teach you how to stay well & keep your family healthy in just 10 minutes a day.  

That’s right. In just 1o minutes a day, you’ll gain a stronger immune system, improved focus and experience less stress in your life.
Toni has found that through the practice of BodyTalk, her life has been given a new purpose and she has become the person who I’ve always wanted to be.
The reason that she chose to teach BodyTalk Access is to help others achieve this level of clarity in all daily activities before a business meeting, before getting out of the car and greeting your family or animal companion, before a date, before an athletic competition or musical performance, before anything!
Take a moment to answer a few questions…

          • What do you get when you balance the right side of the brain to the left side of the brain?

You get better relationships, improved focus, a better memory, improved athletic performance, faster recovery from illness and injury.  All this is possible when the two hemispheres of your brain are working together as one.
The brain runs everything in your body. It is responsible for your reactions and responses in all your relationships.  So when the brain is working better, everything in our lives works better.
In this one day class you will learn a sequence of 5 Balances.  
Balance 1: Cortices & Balance 2: Switching
In the first two balances, you’ll learn to eliminate stress and allow the two hemispheres of the brain to function as one unit.
Balance 3: Hydration
In the third balance, you’ll learn how to improve the innate ability that your body has to use the water you drink more effectively. (Did you know that in order for the cell to be able to do its work, cellular metabolism, water must be present inside the cell? And just because you drink the water doesn’t mean the water is going to get inside the cell. Nerve conduction doesn’t happen without the presence of water.)
Balance 4: Body Chemistry
In the fourth balance you will learn how to support the immune system so that it can keep us well. For instance, if you are sitting behind a diesel truck breathing toxic exhaust fumes, you want your immune system to know what to do so you don’t get sick. If you are sitting next to someone on a plane who is coughing and sneezing, you want your immune system to know what to do so you don’t catch his/her cold.
Balance 5: Reciprocals
Finally, you will learn to balance your entire musculoskeletal system. There is an enormous amount of communication that occurs between all these body areas to be able to walk, run, dance or compete athletically. This set of balances improves posture and breathing, reduces muscle tension, balances the meridians, improves your mood and a whole lot more!

When you take the BodyTalk Access Class you will learn to do these balances on yourself, your children and also how to stay well and focused. You are able to help your partner relax at the end of a busy day in just a couple minutes and yes, you can even use these balances with your animal companions.

BodyTalk Access is extremely powerful. Toni loves teaching people how to make their lives better for themselves, without having to go to a doctor or even coming to see her often.