How Do Full BodyTalk Sessions Work?

Most people work with me for more than one session. There are packages of multiple sessions to make it possible for you to invest in yourself and to give us the maximum opportunity to increase your health.  You can pay for just one session, a package of 4 sessions or a package of 8 sessions.

How Long Are The BodyTalk Sessions?

The first session is 1 hour and 30 minutes in length – usually half of that is verbal discovery and then 45 minutes of balancing.  After that usually we need only 15 minutes of check in and 45 minutes of balancing and then a few minutes to reschedule.

Can I receive BodyTalk Sessions if I’m on a Budget?

Not everyone needs or wants long sessions so I offer mini sessions of 30 – 40 minutes where we focus on a single imbalance needing to shift.  A Health History form is completed ahead of time, we discuss what’s needed for 5 – 10 minutes and balance for 20 – 25 minutes.  This is a great way to try out BodyTalk and get results. These sessions are also great for children and for those are on a budget and still want cutting edge healthcare.

Forms and Information Requested:

I’ve attached the Wellness History Form, please complete it and bring it with you to your session.  Also, please list with approximate dates or ages any significant traumas in your life including emotional trauma, physical issues from accidents or illness, mental issues or spiritual issues.

Where is Toni’s Office?

Here is the office location: 2451 Croasdaile Farm Pkwy Suite 106, Durham, NC 27705
I will have my cell phone on until you get there, so feel free to call if you are lost.

What are we going to do in a session?

In most sessions, Toni will be using a process called BodyTalk.  In BodyTalk, your body tells me the balancing that needs to be done to enable your immune system to do its best on all levels.  Sometimes that means relieving past stress before working on the present stress.  Because we balance in the sequence your body wisdom dictates, we get faster, more permanent results. The BodyTalk Protocol will allow Toni to bring in many other tools if needed such as Family Constellations or Reiki.  If you wish, you may request sessions only in Reiki or only in Family Constellations.  Toni will be happy to honor your request.