Meditation Classes

Meditation is easy to learn and extremely pleasant. The classes are fun, interactive and informative. Toni offers several programs.

Meditation As a Life Skill
An eight week program for beginners and for those who wish to reinvigorate their practice. Many aspects of meditation are touched upon allowing the student to create a personalized practice for themselves giving them the results desired.
Students learn:

  • the proper way to sit for comfort,
  • how to use gentle stretching (yoga) to get the body relaxed,
  • how to use breathing in rhythm, (pranayama) to quiet the mind
  • how to open the heart through music and nature.

The last class of the series puts all these skills into a complete sequence.
“Even a little practice of meditation will free you from dire fears and colossal sufferings.”  – Bhagavad Gita

Creative Visualization
Our thoughts are like a blueprint for our lives. They inform our physical body and direct our actions and create results. How can we create automatic thoughts of health, prosperity, and loving relationships?
Do you have negative thoughts such as: “I can’t afford that, I’m depressed; I’m tired and old; I’m overweight or sick, I’ll never find my life partner.”?  These thoughts create a negative vibration in the body that can lead to illness or leave us feeling stuck.
Creative visualization and affirmations raise our energy vibrations so we can attract or magnetize what we truly desire in life including optimal health and wellness.

The Chakras: 7 Gates of Freedom
There are seven major chakras, vortexes of energy, in the body. They influence the functioning of the physical organs, endocrine glands, and body systems. They also affect our feelings of security, creativity, self-discipline, self-love and compassion for others, and self esteem. This class promotes the ability to connect to insight and speak our own truth.
In the first class students learn about the chakra system. Then there will be  one class focusing on each of the seven chakras. Students learn yoga postures and guided visualizations to balance each chakra.

What to expect for class
Classes last an hour and a half. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing.  If you plan on eating before you arrive, please eat lightly. Our facility has chairs, benches, yoga mats, cushions, filtered water and tea. 

Come prepared to have fun!
If you have any special needs or concerns, please contact Toni at, or 919-698-3150.