Body Talk Services

The BodyTalk System is a way of working with the “whole person.” What that means is that no aspect of the human psyche can be overlooked, be it emotional, physical or environmental. In BodyTalk, we have developed a whole-healthcare system that supports and promotes the well-being of any person, animal, or plants.

Body Talk Access Services

In just 1o minutes a day, you’ll gain a stronger immune system, improved focus and experience less stress in your life. Toni has found that through the practice of BodyTalk, her life has been given a new purpose and she has become the person who I’ve always wanted to be.

Reiki Services

Reiki is a time honored tradition from Asia. The word Reiki comes from 2 characters in Japanese. Reiki means universal or spiritual life force. Reiki replenishes the immune system removing energy blockages, speeds healing and restores emotional balance.

Family Constellations

Family Constellations is a way of working within a new field called epigenetics.  Epigenetics works with how family beliefs, emotions, traumas and illnesses travel down the ancestral line through the RNA/DNA, or in other words, our cells. Just like we inherent the physical traits of our parents and grandparents, we also inherent emotional patterns and even physical illnesses such as alcoholism.

Meditation Classes

Meditation is easy to learn and extremely pleasant. The classes are fun, interactive and informative. Toni offers several programs including an eight week program for beginners and for those who wish to reinvigorate their practice. Many aspects of meditation are touched upon allowing the student to create a personalized practice for themselves giving them the results desired.

Animal Communication & Animal Healing

Animals communicate with each other all the time, even cross-species. They use non-verbal communication skills or telepathic communication. As children, many of us innately knew our animal companions could understand what we were saying and we communicated with them freely.

Toni has lived in North Carolina for most of her life. Her grandfather was her inspiration to become a healer. He was an old-style General Practitioner in Sampson County, NC, who did everything from delivering babies to caring for the elderly. She never saw him turn anyone away. He was her living example of a dedicated healer.  As she traveled with him on house calls, she knew that she wanted to help people have better health.
From 1989 through 1993 Toni studied many modalities in Energy and Mind/Body Medicine including Reiki, Family Constellations, Meditation, Touch for Health, One Brain, Polarity, Rebirthing, Therapeutic Touch, Age Regressions, Past Life Regressions, Crystal Balancing and Educational Kinesiology.
Toni Stevens is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher in 1996, a meditation teacher in 1998. In 2003 she certified as a BodyTalk (Parama) Practitioner and BodyTalk Access Trainer.
In addition to offering individual healing sessions, she is a teacher.  Toni teaches Reiki, meditation and BodyTalk Access. It gives Toni a great feeling when I teach people how to create happier, healthier, more self-empowered lives.
Toni Stevens is available for private appointments and classes in BodyTalk, Reiki, Family Constellations and meditation at her West Durham office which is also convenient to Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Morrisville, Apex, Pittsboro and Roxboro. Toni loves working with adults and children of all ages and is also certified to work with animals.
Toni Stevens

Toni Stevens