Wellness and Care Plan

Our philosophy is simple. It’s one’s deep belief and desire for wellness, and willingness to participate in session that will achieve results. – Toni Stevens

Session Structure

Ignition Package: Our Simple Get Started Program (4-6 weeks)


Our Ignition Package is a great way to learn about my process. It can help you to quickly gauge your progress and we’ll work together to reach your goals. The package includes 4 sessions that are designed with you and your goals in mind. Each program, although inherently different, is structured in a similar fashion.

Your Sessions

Goal: We begin our journey to discover what has been holding you back from your full wellness in physical health or manifesting the life of ease you’ve always dreamed of using we’ll cover your health & wellness history, family relationship history and an initial explanation of the BodyTalk System, Family Constellations, and Reiki or other therapies blended into a personalized session your optimal well-being.

Structure & Expectations:  Each session will include a brief conversation followed by a dynamic session working on the next level of blockages. The final step in the session Toni gives you an idea of what shifts to watch for between sessions. In each session we will go deeper into the underlying causes blocking your life goals and wellness.  Reaching your optimal health and manifesting your life’s dreams is the most important aspect of your sessions with Toni. Full Payment is due at the beginning of the session.  Credit Card, Check or Cash are accepted.